worst food combinations to avoid

Worst Food Combinations to Avoid (#8 Will Surprise You)

This article is about the Worst Food Combinations to Avoid for Better Health. Eating the wrong combination of foods can cause serious issues to your body. Worst food combinations will be unhealthy for your body and that can ruin your health.

Mixing foods together are common practices we all do. Mixing fruits with yogurts or mixing chicken with eggs, are popular combinations and we never hesitate to mix foods together and experiment with new dishes.

Did you know that even two healthy foods when taken together can turn unhealthy, there are some reasons behind that. You should know about that food combination to prevent yourself from several health issues.

Name of Worst Food Combinations to Avoid

Here is a list of names of the worst food combinations that should be avoided for good health.

1. Mixing Food with Water or Juice:

meal with water bad combination

If you are also a person who enjoys water or juice with your meal, you should stop immediately. Drinking water or juice with your is one of the toxic food combinations. Water dilutes your stomach acids and reduces effectiveness in breaking down proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

Drink water at least 10-15 minutes before the meal. This will keep you from diluting stomach enzymes and also from overeating.

2. Fruit with Meal is Not Good for Your Digestive System:

fruits with meal bad food combination

Who doesn’t love some peppy mango salsa with fish or strawberries in their salad, or having fruits after a full meal.

But it is a bad food combination that contains fruits, which otherwise quickly pass through the digestive tract, accumulate in the system and the sugar in it begins to ferment. This can cause damage to the intestinal walls and arise stomach problems.

3. Having Yogurt with Fruit:

yogurt with fruits be avoided

If you are also fond of experimenting with yogurt according to your moods and taste buds’ demands. You should know what not to mix with yogurt.

Yogurt contains plenty of bacteria that will act on the sugar present in fruits. This results in toxins, colds, allergies.

You can avoid this problem by mixing Honey, Cinnamon Powder, or Raisins instead of fresh fruits in flavored yogurt.

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4. Cereals with Milk and Orange Juice:

cereal with milk and orange juice not good

Mixing cereals with milk are always a good option but taking them with orange juice can be harmful. Milk contains casein, and orange juice contains acid in it. If they are taken together they curdle the milk and also destroy the enzyme present in the starchy cereal.

To avoid this problem, you can have orange juice at least an hour before or after the cereals with milk.

5. Combination of Banana and Milk:

banana with milk heavy combination

If you are the one who loves banana smoothies or having bananas with milk in any form, you should be more careful. Because It is not as good for your stomach. this combination sits heavy in your stomach.

Try to avoid this combination of food, if you can’t resist it, add a pinch of nutmeg powder, or cinnamon powder to stimulate your digestive system.

6. Mint with Aerated(Fizzy) Drink should be Avoided:

mint with aerated drink should be avoided

Mint should not be taken with aerated drinks. It is believed that peppermint must never be had along with aerated drinks because it leads to a fatal toxic food combination in the stomach.

You can use mint with lemon water, or fruit juice, or vegetable juice.

7. Adding Cheese in Omelete:

cheese with omelet food combinations to avoid

In general, a protein-protein combination is not recommended. One single concentrated protein per meal is easier to digest than two protein-rich food together and will not require more energy to digest.

Go for a veggies omelet instead of cheese.

8. Milk and Tea is a Worst Food Combinations to Avoid:

milk with tea worst food combinations to avoid

Milk should not be combined with any other food. Milk is a complete food on its own. But when we add milk to the tea, it destroys all the antioxidants from the tea.

That’s the reason consuming a high amount of tea causes Bloating, Anxiety, and Dehydration.

Milk adds approximately 100 calories to a single cup of tea. So, if you are willing to lose weight switch to black tea which has only 2 calories.

9. Burgers with French Fries and Pizza with Coke:

pizza with coke harmful combination

The Burgers and Frech fries are a deep-fried food combo that increases your blood sugar levels and starts draining energy due to high insulin production, making you tired or sluggish. Pizza and coke are also regular combinations provided but pizza uses more energy to digest and the sugar content in soda hinders digestion. Therefore, you feel bloated.

Pasta and tomatoes are also a dangerous combination, avoid having pasta with tomatoes.

This is the list of food combinations to avoid for better health, there are several more combinations of foods that should be avoided but these are basic food combinations to avoid by everyone.

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