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45 Useful Spices Names in English and Hindi

This is an article about spices names in English and Hindi.

Spices are the identity of Indian food. India is known for its spices from the ancient period. Spices made simple dishes tastier. Spices not only add taste to the food but are also useful in many remedies, such as cumin seeds, fenugreek seed, cinnamon helps in better digestion of food while turmeric has antibacterial properties and use as an ingredient for health drinks as well as in face packs.

spices names in English and Hindi

Today we will introduce you to some such spices in this post, in which you will be unaware of many spices and many things used in cooking. In today’s article, we will tell you the names of the spices in Hindi and English. It is generally seen that only a few spices are used in Indian kitchens and many people do not even know the names of all the spices, if you also use all these spices correctly then you too can make your food more delicious.

We all love to watch recipes on the internet and try making them at home but sometimes we face problems with spices names, we don’t know what the fenugreek seed is called in Hindi, which is Methi dana. In this post, we have listed all the spices and things that are useful in cooking different types of food.

Spices Names in English and Hindi for kids:

This list of names is also useful for kids as sometimes their teacher gave them homework to write down the name of the spices in English and Hindi. With the help of this information, you can easily make children note the names of these spices.

So, here is a list of Spices names in English and Hindi-

Spices Name in English and Hindi :

S.No. Spices name in HindiSpices name in English
1.Jeera/जीराCumin seeds
2.Saunf/सौंफFennel seeds or Aniseeds
3.Ajwain/अजवायनCarom seeds
4.Kali mirch/काली मिर्चBlack pepper
6.Dalcheeni/दालचीनीCinnamon stick
7.Methi/मेथीFenugreek seeds
8.Dhaniya/धनियाCoriander seeds
9.Kasuri Methi/कसूरी मेथीDry fenugreek
10.Lal mirch/लाल मिर्चRed chili
12.Lehsun, lehsan/लहसुनGarlic
15.Sookha pudina/सूखा पुदीनाDry mint
16.Rai/राईBlack mustard seeds
17.Ajwain ke patte/अजवाइन के पत्तेOregano
18.Safed mirch/सफेद मिर्चWhite pepper
19.Kala jeera, Sahjeera/काला जीरा/शाहजीराBlack cumin seeds
20.Kali elaichi/काली इलायचीBlack cardamom
23.Khas-Khas/खसखसPoppy seeds
24.Chakri phool/चक्री फूलStar anise
26.Tej patta/तेज पत्ताBay leaf
28.Sookha adrak, Sonth/सूखा अदरक/ सौंठDry ginger
29.Lal mirch powder/लाल मिर्च पाउडरRed chili powder
30.Kala til/काला तिलBlack sesame seeds
31.Safed til/सफ़ेद तिलWhite sesame seeds
32.Pyaz powder/प्याज पाउडरOnion powder
33.Pipplee/पिप्पलीLong pepper
34.Aamchoor powder/आमचूर पाउडरDry mango powder
35.Kalonji/कलौंजीNigella seeds
36.Timur/तिमूरSzechwan pepper,sichuan pepper
37.Sabja beej/सब्जा बीज/तुलसी बीजBasil seeds
38.Sookha nariyal/सूखा नारियलDry coconut
39.Sookha nariyal ka choora/सूखा नारियल का चूराDesiccated coconut
40.Kala namak/काला नमकBlack salt
41.Sendha namak/सेंधा नमकPink salt
42.Dhaniya powder/धनिया पाउडरCoriander powder
43.Sarson/सरसोंBig mustard seeds
44.Curry patta/करी पत्ताCurry leaves
List of spices names in English and Hindi

Things to care about spices:

  • Always check the expiry date before buying the spices from anywhere.
  • Try to buy and use organic spices, they are more tasteful and healthful.
  • Always keep spices in an air-tight container.
  • Always store spices in cool and dry places to prevent them from being moist and fungus.
  • You can store spices in vacuum sealer bags.

I hope this information and tips will help you.

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