top 10 easy ways to beat the summer heat

Top 10 Easy Ways to Beat The Summer Heat

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easy ways to beat the summer heat

As the climate changes, our body’s requirement changes. Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods can be deadly but heatwaves kill more people than all other weather conditions combined. In summer, heatstrokes are very dangerous.

You should know how heat affects you, so you can avoid becoming a casualty of physical problems from prolonged heatwaves caused by the body’s inability to maintain normal body temperature.

Although statistically, people over age 65 are the most likely to suffer from heatwaves. Heat affects people of all ages including active and healthy young people.

If you have any health-related conditions or risk factors like cardiovascular or respiratory problems, you are in more danger because your exposure while working in long periods of high temperatures increases sharply.

Your body gives you clues when it is being put under stress in hot weather. Signs and symptoms of heat stress include a lack of sweating, hot dry skin, headaches, weakness, dizziness, nausea, lack of appetite, shortness of breath, and vomiting.

But everyone can avoid danger from overexertion in hot weather by knowing, how to keep their core body temperature controlled. Here are seven ways to beat the summer heat that will help you.

Easy Ways to Beat The Summer Heat:

Here is a list of the Top 10 Easy ways to beat the summer heat.

1. Stay Hydrated to Beat The Summer Heat:

Drinking water is the best way to keep your body functioning well. And do you know, if you are thirsty, you’re already dehydrated?

Keep a water bottle on you all day to make sure you’re drinking enough water.

2. Eat Some Watery Fruits and Vegetables:

There are a number of fruits that contain a large quantity of water in them. Watermelon is the real star in the summer heat. It is very delicious, full of water, refreshing, and contains around 50 calories every cup.

Watermelon is incredibly hydrating, 92 percent of it, is water. That makes it naturally low in fat.

You can also eat cucumber, tomato, cauliflower, cabbage, strawberries, papaya, orange, pineapple, apple, and also mangoes. These all fruits are water-rich fruits.

3. Drink Cool Liquids During Summers:

The best way to drink cool water is to drink water from a clay water pot (also called Matka) in summer. Its natural cold water helps in keeping your body well hydrated.

If you’re trying to stay cool in the summer heat, avoid drinking hot drinks.

4. Cool Your Skin Frequently:

Cool off in front of a fan wrap a wet towel around your neck during a break or use cooling neck wraps.

5. Cool Your Feet for Instant Relief:

If you are feeling very tired or sweaty, put your feet in the cool water for some time. It will help to lower the body temperature. You can feel relaxed and your body temperature comes down.

You can also use wet socks or wet clothes to cool your feet.

6. Eat Smaller and Light Meals During Summer:

Heavy meals can produce heat in the body and you can feel uncomfortable. A large meal takes a lot of time and the body needs to work hard to digest the meal. This leads to a rise in body temperature.

Eating fresh and smaller meals will be good in summer.

7. Avoid Alcohol and Sugary Drinks:

Avoid alcohol or large amounts of sugar because they both have dehydrating effects, which is the exact opposite of what our body needs in the summertime.

They can make you feel sluggish and inactive. Try to have healthy foods and drinks instead of alcohol and sugary drinks.

8. Avoid Direct Exposure to Sun:

Avoid direct exposure to the Sun as much as possible. Cover yourself as much as possible, wear long sleeves dresses, rigged shades, use a hat (always recommended in summer), and never forget to wear sunscreen.

9. Wear Weather Friendly Clothes to Beat The Summer Heat:

Always try to wear loose and comfortable clothes in summer. Fabric-like cotton, rayon, linen, khadi, and silk are summer-friendly.

10. Get Used To Hot Weather:

Let yourself get used to working in hot weather, it takes time to get used to it.

It may take up to two weeks for your body to get used to the warmer temperatures, especially if you are doing frequent physical activity.

Last but not the least when you get irritated by sun heat and high temperature, take a cold shower. It will definitely help you.

These are the Top 10 easy ways to beat the summer heat. hope this information will help you to beat the summer heat.

Stay hydrated, stay safe!

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